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The PPE2400 has been used in the past by Philips and Sony at the introduction of the SACD.
Reason for this was among other things the entire analogous signal processing.
All other current digital EQ and processors did not have these qualities.
For SACD was a 24 bit signal processing necessary to maintain the sound quality.

Because of the bad reliability of the first Z80 processor the PPE2400 could be upgraded with the more stable processor board (from a PPE2410) which also offered the possibility to build in the leveller function.

The SA serial bus BNC connections on the back of the PPE2400 where not functional.
In the later version, the PPE2410, SAnet was functional and could be used thru the 4-XLR connections.

Buying second hand:

If you want to buy a second hand PPE2400 you may consider to look for a PPE2410.
The PPE2410 is much more reliable then the PPE2400 and is also easier to service.
With the PPE2410 you benefit from the more stable CPU, better filters, 12 bit DAC and the more stable power supply.

Nevertheless is the PPE2400 an awesome piece of equipment that will perform well in a home environment, especially for Hi-Fi and High-End enthusiasts.
For “on-the-road” and PA use is the PPE2410 a far better choice.