Welcome to the SA-Vintage Site

This site, located in The Netherlands, is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and appreciation of vintage Stage Accompany equipment for collectors and users alike.

Here you'll find the Stage Accompany “Goodies” who has been designed and produced more than three decades (1977 – 2009) in a town called Hoorn (The Netherlands).

At that time SA produced high quality PA, Cinema and Studio equipment with an incredible sound.

They're also the founders of the Ribbon Compact Driver that was used for PA the first time in the well known SA Blue Box.

Unfortunately Stage Accompany closed their doors in May 2009, and went bankrupt in June 2009.

At the beginning of April 2010 two former Stage Accompany employees, René van der Laan en Gerard Vermeulen, started a new company called Stage Acoustic.

June 2011 the brand "Stage Accompany" changed back to Dutch hands.
Also the SA logo and website are now registered again in the Netherlands.

The SA equipment shown here at SA Vintage is the heritage of more than three decades of Stage Accompany PA, Cinema, and Studio equipment with that unique sound and industrial look.

Have fun….

René Schrauwen (aka Webbie...)

SA Vintage Special thanks to René van der Laan (engineer Stage Accompany) who provided most of the info shown at this site.